Customer Loyalty Program

 Want to know how you can get more bang for your buck? Sign up for Memoire Kids Loyalty program, where you can earn more discounts, just by spending money on products you love. You can also receive points by interacting with our social media pages, signing up for our newsletter, and providing reviews. 


How it Works

Sign up for a an account by clicking the button in the bottom right corner of you page. It will ask you to log in or create an account with us. Then, you will see all the ways to earn points. 

Earning Points 

Listed are ways to earn more points with us. You can follow us, create content, or leave a review. Build up your points to earn discounts with us!  

Redeem Discounts 

Once you have earned enough points for a coupon, you will be able to redeem the discount in the pop-up on the bottom right of the page.