About Us

At Mémoire Kids we understand the valuable moments we share with our families. For Rebecca and I (Jose), we love looking back at our pictures with our parents and seeing the amazing moments we've had! Jose was always building something out of paper while Becca was always going with the trends of fashion. 
Little did we both know that our favorite childhood memories, would inspire us to build a toddler brand with the mission to help other families create memories. 

Our Mission

We believe that children are one of the greatest treasures in life. That no matter how old, they will always be our little babies. That is why we want to help parents and grandparents create memorable moments with their toddlers!

We believe that memories shared with your toddlers strengthen their relationships. That means the most important thing a parent and a child can share in this life are their memories they have. Because it's through memories that we grow and become the greatest person we can be. 

That's why we design our brand to be memorable, unique, and loved. Why we focus our brand on quality apparel that look cute, are high quality, and are memorable for parents and toddlers.

In Mémoire Kids, everything that we do we believe that the greatest things we have are the memories we create with our kids.