Top 10 long-lasting memories with your toddler

Top 10 long-lasting memories with your toddler

We all have fond memories of our childhood, some of which laid the foundation of the bond we share with our parents. Now that you have a child of your own, it is only normal that you seek to create memories with your child at an early stage.

Your bond with your little one is built from birth and grows stronger over time. In fact, your fondest memories together will further strengthen your bond long into adulthood. Hence, we decided to put together some advice for moms and dads on 10 long-lasting memories you can have with your toddlers for a strong life-long bond.

10. Shadow puppets.

This is an excellent bed-time activity. A visual variation of bed-time stories, shadow puppets allows you to stimulate your toddler’s imagination while making a long; lasting impact on them. You only need a flashlight and your fingers. Shine the flashlight at the ceiling as you lay down with your toddlers, then make puppets. You can also engage your child by encouraging them to name each shadow puppet. I9t is a great activity to relax a hyperactive toddler and help them focus their energy on imagination.

9. Snow shoveling.

This activity is a fun activity to include in an already memorable second winter. The first winter was probably when your toddler was newborn or only a few months old, and would likely not count. The second winter on the other hand is technically your toddler’s first winter. You can make this cold snowy period fun and engaging by encouraging your toddler to shovel snow with a dustpan. Be sure to bundle up though, it is really nifty out in the snow.

8. Snow painting

Another great winter activity for your toddler, snow painting also has an additional advantage of allowing your toddler to express their inherent artistic talents, or just make a mess you do not need to clean up. Either way, it is a lot of fun both for you and your toddler. All you need is a spray bottle, some food coloring, and water. Paint the snow to your hearts’ content and no need to clean anything up.

7. Picking out toys.


Up until now, you probably picked out all your child’s toys yourself. Imagine how much fun it would be to go to the toy store together and have your toddler pick out a toy that catches their fancy. Just be sure to only offer a choice when you are in the toddler section. This exercise also helps your toddler to better express their wants. The smile you get after they get their choice of toys is nothing short of priceless.

6. Watching a movie together.

At this stage, your toddlers may have already taken a liking to a particular animated or educational movie, rather than simply plopping them in front of the TV while you do other things. A good idea is to actually watch the movie with your toddler. It is a nice relaxing bonding experience for both you and your toddler.

5. Creating life together

One of the most memorable things you can do is to create something that lasts long. If you can, you can plant a tree together and nurture it side by side with your toddler. It teaches your toddler to be gentle and appreciate nature, it is also great for the environment. However, if you do not have access to a piece of land to plant a tree, you can always do the next best thing by making a small indoor garden as a pet project just for the two of you.

4. Feeding animals.

This is yet another great way to instill a respect for nature in your toddler while having such great fun. You could go for a picnic or a walk in the park. Depending on your location, there are lots of animals you could feed. From pigeons to squirrels, ducks, and even fish. It is quite relaxing to watch animals eat up the food you give to them, and it also teaches your child to treat animals with love and respect.

3. Getting a pet.

This takes feeding animals to a whole new level, but if you are willing and able to handle the commitment, getting a pet just for your toddler will give you both something to bond over. It is important that you observe your toddler to find out what animals they find appealing. You could also take them to the pet store and watch which animal catches their fancy. Remember, getting a pet is a lot of responsibility, so, you should only consider this if you are ready to handle the responsibility.

2. Star Gazing.

In a way, our interests often rub off on our children, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, we should always be careful not to force things and allow our children to find their own way. If you have a zeal for the galaxy around us and love to watch the stars twinkle at night, you can introduce your, toddler, to this hobby and allow them to enjoy the majestic view as well. The nocturnal light-show is sure to catch your toddler’s attention, and it is also a great pre-bedtime story.

1.  Bedtime stories.

A classic parent bonding activity, bedtime stories have been used to induce sleep in young children for centuries. This activity bonds you with your toddler and encourages their imagination. Also, they get to associate pictures with words as well as sounds. It is not a bad idea to act out a couple of scenes for your little one. Bedtime stories will keep your toddler happy and imaginative all the way into their dreams. It is also a great way to encourage reading from a really young age.


These are so many other activities you can use to make long-lasting memories with your toddlers, so do not hesitate to explore. Our advice for dads and moms is to pay close attention to activities your toddlers take a liking to as well as those they do not really enjoy and you will be able to make memories you both will enjoy.

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