11 Ideas to Celebrate a Covid-19-Friendly Halloween with Your Family

11 Ideas to Celebrate a Covid-19-Friendly Halloween with Your Family

Leaves are changing colors, and there is a crisp chill all around, and that implies everyone's favorite holiday “Halloween” is right around the corner. With a challenging quarantine interval behind us, are your kids in dire need to celebrate? Duh, for sure!! 


However, Halloween under quarantine is not going to be the same as every year. Some Halloween customs may appear to be unique this year to protect everybody during the COV​ID-19 pandemic. But there are still a lot of ways you can have a great time with your family while staying away from the risk of being exposed to or spreading the infection.

11 Fun Activities to Celebrate Halloween With Toddlers During Quarantine 

Because Halloween must happen, there should be a way we can celebrate the event. If we stay careful and get extraordinarily creative, we would altogether be able to celebrate Quarantine-o-ween. Read on to know how you can still rejoice the event with the kids and keep the Halloween spirit alive!

Innovate Customary "Trick-Or-Treat" With a Candy-Hunt in and Around Your Home 

Can’t trick or treat the conventional way due to the pandemic? Look for ways to do it innovatively. You can purchase toddlers their `favorite candies and let them trick-or-treat door to door to various rooms inside the home or have them walk around the neighborhood so they can display their unique outfits, and when they return home, surprise them with a special treat or toy.

Pumpkin Carving and Decorating with Toddlers

Pumpkin carving is one Halloween tradition that's as safe and fun as ever. Take your toddlers to a nearby pumpkin patch. This activity is very safe as the patches are outdoor, and there is a lot of space. Remember to wear a mask since you'll be around others. You can also have a pumpkin decorating challenge virtually with friends, using a video chat app.

Cook Ghoulish Goodies for Your Kids 

Find unusual recipes like Eye-Ball Pasta, Spider Pizza, or Mummy Meatballs for some evil grub! You may even take a stab at designing treats as a creepy house. The prospects are endless and sure to charm your little ones. Cheer the whole day with tasty dishes and sweet treats. Let your innovative mind go crazy; try different things with cute, frightful, terrifying, and absolute sickening eats.

Go Over the Top Decorating Your Yard 

Nothing energizes kids like seeing colossal yard Halloween displays, right? Plan a series of art and craft projects for the toddlers to keep them occupied and use them to decorate the yard. Another extraordinary idea is setting up a candy graveyard. Set up fake tombstones in your yard with prizes and sweets aggregated near every headstone. You could have each child enter the memorial park thusly and wrap up sweets and prizes into individual treat packs for added safety. 

Take Your Kids to A Trick-Or-Treat Parade

Have a look at your neighborhood newspaper to check whether there will be an open-air Halloween march or some other socially distanced festival. You may be amazed by the number of parades, trick or treats, and drive-through events you’d end up finding. You can also arrange your neighborhood parade if you're lucky enough to live on a tight-knit street. A pleasant aspect concerning Halloween falling on a Saturday this year is that you can arrange something like this before standard trick-or-treats hours start.

If your group desires to handout candies, urge your neighbors to follow appropriate safety protocols leaving single treat packs on a table near the walkway. Spectators can stay at a distance and wave to the parade.

Drive-thru Haunt Experience

Haunted houses will emphatically have all the earmarks of being unique this year. Drive-through, contact-free, Halloween experiences are already beginning to stand out.

These drive-thrus will have without contact enrollment by tag, and drive-thru scenes that mix sensational narrating, frightening creatures, and surprising encounters in transit. Guests will be driving and leaving their vehicles at each scene, with no contact with performers.

 Quest online for "haunted streets", "haunted roads", or "drive-thru haunted houses" to check whether there is one close by!

Go Ghosting!

What's that? You may ask! It's kind of a game where you make a treat pack for a friend or neighbor and leave it close to their home with a note inside asking them to make another treat pack and pass it on to another person anonymously. It's a delightful way to spread some socially distanced festive happiness.

Fun with Costumes—Virtual Costume Party 

Children are getting comfortable seeing each other from a distance or virtually. Why not turn this into fun? Plan a zoom costume show, pick a theme where everyone's costumes must fit the theme. Plan a special video meeting or socially distanced park get-together where kids can flaunt their outfits.

Open Air Spooky Movie Night 

Hosting an open-air scary movie night for your toddlers and their neighborhood friends and cousins seated at a distance is a great way to commend the season.

You can use single-serve packaging for treats and popcorn for kids, have a fire pit, snacks, and kids' favorite creepy films and Tv shows set up utilizing a projector. Moms can likewise join, tell kids horror stories, and enjoy movies on a home projection set up. This would be ideal to be orchestrated at a parkway or your patio. 

Put on A Halloween Playlist  

Regardless of how little your Halloween party is, it would be incomplete without some creepy tunes. Strike your top choices and host a dance party with your little ones or amuse them by playing fun games like freeze dance.

Get Crafty!

The Autumn season is so delightful that it's truly hard not to appreciate it. It sure is fun to play out in the fresh air, but due to the pandemic, you are stuck inside, and it's getting difficult to keep kids indoors when it's the Halloween season. So, what better way to engage your kids with a crafty session. Creating creepy crafts would be a great fun activity for the whole family and would surely up your Halloween flair!

Final Recommendations 

Regardless of how you're commemorating Halloween this year, make sure to protect your home and neighborhood. Halloween during the COVID-19 outbreak is an opportunity for you and your kids to get creative, and you never know what may become a new Halloween tradition!

Happy Haunting!


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