Making Memories With Your Toddler

Making Memories With Your Toddler


Great childhood memories help to remind our older children and teenagers that, even when times are tough, things have the potential to be great again. Childhood memories still have such a power over us, even as adults, and this simply highlights the importance of creating memories with our children. 

Children absorb everything, and we mean everything that they experience. Which is why it’s so crucial to empower them with positive memories of a whole selection of times in which they felt loved and encouraged to explore through their innate need to discover.


What Makes Memories So Special?

Memories are such a personal thing to each individual. They are the stories that we share with our children, grandchildren, and involve tales that will be passed on for generations! Memories remind us of the most beautiful times in our life, and when reflected upon can bring us absolute joy - now is that not a gift that you would love to give to your child?

 Life in the modern day can take us away from what’s really important, but the right childhood experiences can help us to remember the importance of play, joy, and experiencing the outdoors.  

Memories shape the way that children think and how they see the world. They affect how we view others, ourselves, and how we grow into our adult minds. This is why it’s so important to start creating those childhood memories with your baby from the very beginning. Plus, it’s not just your child that will benefit, you’ll create wonderful memories of your own to look back on throughout the years.


Making Memories Outside

Heading outside with the intention of ‘doing’ is one of the quickest ways to spend time together as a family, whilst helping your children to learn through spending time outside and experiencing new things. The outdoors has so much to teach us, and through sharing it with our children we are bound to learn a few new things too! 

Spending time outside is often what people will refer to as one of their most cherished memories, and our shoes allow you to do that whilst keeping your little one’s feet safe and comfortable! Our grippy soles mean less falls, whilst the material means that your child will feel like they are simply wearing a very comfortable - and cute - pair of socks. 

Soft shoes are crucial for allowing your child’s feet a full range of motion so that they can stretch and get stronger. Plus that is the way nature intended! Soft shoes are the perfect way to keep your baby’s feet protected, whilst allowing them to discover all of the new sensations that there are to be discovered from the ground beneath their feet.

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