Establishing Family Traditions With Young Children

Establishing Family Traditions With Young Children

Family traditions are something that we treasure throughout our lives and pass with excitement
onto our children. Maybe you come from a family that doesn’t have traditions and need some
ideas. Here we will explore some of the best things about family traditions, a few ideas to get
you started, and how to best go about establishing them as a part of your family.


What are the benefits of family traditions?

Family traditions give us a shared identity that can stop us from feeling alone. They are a quick
and easy way to strengthen family bonds, whilst ensuring a sense of familiarity even as we grow
older and see our family members a little less.
Traditions help us to add structure to our children’s lives - a tradition can be something as small
as reading a bedtime story every night! They create something that children can rely on and be
sure about, which is an incredibly important part of childhood.
Nourishing activities can be a great way to bond with family members without even realizing that
you’re doing it, whilst helping you to create positive memories that will last a lifetime.
These are the stories and habits that will be passed on from generation to generation - and you
have the power to create that!


How to establish family traditions

It’s never too late to start a family tradition - here are some things to keep in mind before you get
● Keep it fun! There’s nothing worse than feeling pressured to enjoy yourself. If your
children aren’t enjoying your new ‘tradition’ you can always try again when they’re a bit
older, or try something completely different! The best traditions are the ones that come
the most naturally to all of you.
● Start implementing the traditions from a young age. Family traditions are a great way to
start doing activities with your children from a young age. And the best part about

starting traditions when they’re little? You’ll get even more years of smiles when they
realize that you’re heading out to pick the Christmas tree!
● Get the whole family involved. It’s really special to have a tradition just between you and
your child but try to add something that all children and parents can enjoy to add to the
fun and the sense of closeness.


Ideas For Creating a Family Tradition

Here are just a few traditions to get you started on your way to creating beautiful memories for
your children.
● Visit a pumpkin patch and let your children choose their own pumpkin to carve every
● Go for a walk in nature every Sunday - take a picnic and make a day of it!
● Pick out and cut down a Christmas tree every year - letting your children choose the tree
will be a magical experience for them.
● Schedule a weekly movie night - pajamas, popcorn, and hot chocolate optional but
highly recommended.
● Have family tournaments in the garden during the summer - this is a great way to bring
the extended family as well as some of your close friends together.
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