12 Winter Fashion Outfits for Kids

Winter is here and it is the time to buy new outfits for kids. There is no harm in wanting your child to look fashionable while staying warm in the winter! Don’t know what is trending in kids’ fashion? Well, there is no need to worry, we are here to help you. If you are planning to shop for your kids, then we are going to tell you 12 winter toddler outfits that are trending in kids’ fashion. Here is the list!

Girl Toddler Outfits

Winter Pink Outfit

If you love to see your baby girl in an all pink outfit, then you have a chance this winter. Monochrome color outfits are in kids’ fashion this fall, and winter and we can’t get enough of them. You can dress your girl up in a pink winter dress with pink jacket and white tights. Don’t forget to buy the light pink shoes for her from the new Memoire Kids shoe collection in solid pink or if you want a more fun twist to the outfit, pair it with pink bunny in the new zoo collection. If your child doesn’t like to wear dresses, then you can have her wear a pink sweater with pink pants. Alternating the shades of each clothing article will create a unique look to the outfit! You can also pair the outfit with a knit toddler beanie in the color pink for your child to wear outside.

Adorable Brown Outfit

Your little girl will steal all the attention from everyone by wearing a cute brown velvet overall dress. Pair it with a white cozy sweater and white tights for warmth. Using the navy-blue solid shoes or the new fox shoes from the zoo collection will beautifully compliment the brown. Finally, a cute navy-blue beret will complete the look! She will absolutely love her outfit. If you want a more casual look, you can go with the brown corduroy overall from the Memoire kids’ overall collection instead of a dress.

Cozy Pink and Grey Outfit

Pink and grey are a wonderful combination. Use these cool tones this winter and buy a cute pink corduroy overall from memoire kids overall collection for your little girl. Pair the overalls with a grey long sleeve shirt and the grey solid color shoes from Memoire kids new shoe collection, or for some fun, the grey panda shoes from the new zoo collection! A pink knit toddler beanie to complete the outfit, and we can assure you that your baby will look adorable and all eyes will be on her!

Holiday fashion outfit

Ease into the holiday spirit and style your toddler's’ outfit with a red and green combination outfit! Take some black tights and pair them with a dark green dress. Add a tan winter coat or cardigan and top off the outfit with the solid red self-care shoes! This outfit will surely bring out holiday vibes without being too much.

Cute, Casual, and Trendy Outfit

Want a classy but easy outfit for your child? Take a pair of light blue jeans and combine it with a cream-colored top. Take a brown jacket or coat and finish the outfit off with the solid color self-care tan shoes from the new collection and voila! A fashion statement that is both easy and super cute!

Frosty Purple outfit

Add a pop of color this winter and have your little girl wear a lavender colored hoodie or pullover. Add A pair of black jeans or leggings and a coat that is a darker shade for extra warmth. Complete the outfit with the new lavender llama shoes from the new zoo collection and your little toddler will be wearing a cute frosty purple outfit for the winter.

Boy Toddler Outfits

Grey Upper and Jeans Outfit

Want your son to look the cutest? Have him wear a grey zip pullover sweater with a white inner t-shirt and pair it with jeans. You can go with any color of shoes with this outfit but if you want to make your baby look unique and cool then go for Panda shoes from Memoire Baby Zoo Shoe collection. For a more child-formal look, go with the solid grey or solid navy-blue shoes from the new self-care collection. A grey or black beanie from the Knit Toddler Beanie collection will add a perfect touch to the outfit and will be sure to keep your child warm from harsh weather.

Brown Corduroy Outfit

We can assure you that your baby will look very adorable in this outfit. Have your little boy wear a blue striped shirt and pair it with a pair of brown corduroy pants. The solid navy-blue shoes from Memoire Kids' new self-care shoe collection will finish off the outfit with an adorable look on your little boy!

Orange and Blue Jeans Outfit

If you want your kid to look the best in the crowd then have him wear blue and orange flannel and pair it with dark blue or black jeans. To double the cuteness, add the fox shoes from Memoire Kids Baby Zoo Collection. Your child will surely steal the whole crowd.

Black and White Outfit

Sometimes you don’t need to add funky colors to your kid’s outfit to make them stand out from the rest of the crowd. If you have a black and white striped shirt then have him wear it with a pair of dark blue jeans. Add the solid black self-care shoes from the Memoire Kids shoe collection for a finishing touch to the outfit. To add a little extra warmth and style, add a grey or black beanie from the beanie collection!

Baby Blue Corduroy Outfit

A classic baby blue outfit for the winter can look so cute so why not try it on your kid this winter! Buy light blue corduroy from Memoire for your child and pair it with a white pullover. The tan solid colored self-care shoes will surely finish off the classic look! For extra warmth, add the tan knit beanie from the knit toddler beanie collection.

Sun in the winter outfit

Add a warm colored outfit this winter and have your little boy wear a yellow hoodie! With a pair of black or dark blue pants and the new lion from the memoire kids’ zoo collection for the shoes, your little boy will enjoy and look great in this vibrant fun colored outfit!


These toddler outfits will not only look cool on your kids, but they will also protect them from harsh winters. We can also assure you that your toddler will love these outfits as well and will look back when their older and thank you for your great taste in fashion!

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