10 Tips For Having Family In Town And Visiting For Holidays

10 Tips For Having Family In Town And Visiting For Holidays

Spending a great time with our families is always fascinating after a period of separation. The fun we enjoy with family members during meals, discussions and recounting of memories make the whole scene super enjoyable.

As memorable and exciting family gatherings may be, if the visit is not well planned, it may turn out to be very tasking and difficult to handle. It will affect routines and there will be more expenses that may adversely affect your budget later. 

In this article, we have a couple of important tips that will make having family in town for the holidays wonderful for you. With these tips, your next visit will surely be super memorable and worry free, leaving room for remembering only the good times. 

Without further ado, here are some useful tips to help you plan your holiday family gathering. 

1. Reschedule Your Work Plans

There is this erroneous belief that money can take care of everything, including quality time with family. This is a big misconception that is unhealthy for family bonds.

Despite that money facilitates healthy homes, it is not the best replacement for quality time with family. To balance family time with work, reschedule your work plans in advance to accommodate this precious time. It will help you to avoid distractions during the time of the visit.

2. Plan For Unplanned Time

There is time for everything, including holidays and work. Sometimes, we may be tempted to mix-up our holiday with things that interfere with the aims of the holiday.

To enjoy your holiday with the family, set your priorities straight. There are times that you may spend more time at the amusement park than you intended. When this is noticed in advance, Schedule extra time just in case, so you don’t feel rushed and stressed when doing family activities.

3. Check and Monitor Your Spending

Sometimes, it may be challenging to spend quality time with the family in the town without spending more than expected. When you see different things to do and demands from the children, you tend to spend more.

The best way to check this spending is to plan a budget and stick to it. Sit down one day and calculate what your estimated spending will be and make plans that fall under your price range. Doing so will help relieve the stress of having extra company over. Also, don’t be afraid to expand your budget with the family members visiting! That way, you and your extended family can plan for more things and share the load of cost evenly. 

4. Have Fun Together As A Family

A holiday visit is a time to have fun together as a family. It is not all the time that the family is together! Do activities that involve interacting with each other such as cooking together, playing board games or making crafts together. The memory in which the fun of such activities will create is likely going to last for ages. 

5. Encourage Free Communication

Visiting a family in town for holiday is another opportunity to know the different things that must have happened when you weren’t around each other. Be encouraging and create an environment for some free and seamless communication.

When there is a healthy atmosphere for free communication, it encourages family members, including children to open up about what happened in the past. They feel they are safe to share without severe punishment, leading to a stronger bond with each other.

6. Share Chores As Family

During holiday visits, a good way to rekindle the family bond while achieving a common goal of the family is to share chores. This is an opportunity for children to learn the importance of corporate responsibility.

 This will help you as a host, to not feel overwhelmed with a house that gets messier with more people in it. If you are the one visiting, helping around and doing chores will make you feel good and take less pressure off the host to be just your host instead of a visit from a family member. Include your children in the cleaning as well, as it will teach them to be more responsible.

7. Organize Family Picnic

To get the most out of this precious time, plan the family night. The major aim is to get people together in an atmosphere that allows free communication and a sense of belonging. It is time to strengthen the family bond and reduce stress. 

The family night may start with a game or picnic. There are many activities one can arrange the make it interesting. However, what matters most is spending quality time together as a family.

8. Be Open-Minded and Accept Everyone

A holiday visit is not a time for judgment and condemnation. Instead, it is a time to correct with love, appreciate good achievements, and encourage efforts invested in a good course.

Schedule a day for some down time, where you and all your family can just sit down and talk with each other. Stay away from topics that may be touchy for one family member, or at least plan how to bring it up beforehand. Choosing to have a family discussion where there’s equal parts listening and discussing will allow each of you to listen and understand with love and create support for each other.

9. Do Something Out of The Ordinary

When family comes to visit, wanting to make their trip memorable is a must. For them and for you as well! Do something different that neither you or your visiting family has done. For example, instead of going out to a chain restaurant, go to a local one. Visit attractions that are unique to your hometown.

Doing something out of the ordinary or different will create a lasting memory for you and your family visiting and will have them looking forward to something next year.

10. Share Ups and Downs

This is another time to celebrate and strengthen each other. Share the ups and downs to make others know the progress of the family. It will encourage the children to know their roots, where they are, and where they are going and can also teach them that they can rely on their family for anything. 


Visiting family in the town for holiday is fascinating and can create some great memories. However, there should be a plan for the visit to ensure the aims are achieved without adverse effects on routines and budget.

The above tips will enable you to have a fantastic holiday with your family members, including your children.

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