12 Halloween Costumes for Your Toddler

12 Halloween Costumes for Your Toddler

Halloween is for everyone including toddlers. Toddlers love to see new and creative things and they also love to dress up. Kids Fashion is great so double the fun this Halloween by dressing your kids in cute and adorable Halloween toddler outfits. We have rounded up 12 Halloween costumes for your toddlers so you both can enjoy this Halloween.

1. Baby Shark Costume

We can bet on this, almost all toddlers love to sing “Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo” because we also couldn’t get this rhyme/song out of our heads! If your toddler loves to watch this rhyme, then it is the right time to dress them up as a baby shark. Looking like a Baby shark would be a favorite memory from childhood. Dress your toddler up in a shark costume and wear Baby Shark toddler shoes from our Baby Zoo collection.

2. Simba Costume

Is your toddler a fan of The Lion King movie? If yes, then now is the time to make him look like Simba! A lion costume is quite famous in kids’ fashion so buy a lion costume and match it with our Baby Lion shoes from Baby Zoo Collection. Your child will love both the costume and shoes.

3. Judy Hopps Costume

Animated movie Zootopia’s main character Judy Hopps is one of kids’ favorite cartoon characters. If you and your kids love this movie and you want to make your child look the cutest in the bunny’s uniform, then dress them up in Judy Hopps costume. Your child will be the cutest animal officer! Match Judy Hopps costume with our Baby Bunny shoes from our Baby Zoo collection to make your child comfortable.

4. Sly Fox Costume

Make your toddler’s Halloween fun by making them wear a sly fox costume. Don’t know which shoes can match with your child’s sly fox costume? Then grab Baby Fox shoes from our Baby Zoo collection and let your child explore everything cozily.

5. Giraffe Costume

Giraffe is one of the favorite animals of kids and it’s understandable why they would want to dress up as one! Though, they maybe not tall enough their spirits are surely high enough. Have your kid wear a giraffe costume this Halloween and complete the look with the Baby Giraffe shoes from our Baby Zoo collection!

6. Baby Mouse Costume

Just imagine your child in a baby mouse costume. Don't they look the cutest? If your toddler loves to watch Tom and Jerry, then buy baby mouse costume so he can look cute like a baby mouse this Halloween! Our brown self-care shoes will look great with a baby mouse costume and make your child comfortable with every step!

7. Yellow Duck Costume

If your wanting a simple but adorable costume, try a yellow duck costume! Paired with our yellow self-care shoes, your child will absolutely dominate this costume. Shop our Yellow self-care shoes and help your child to feel comfortable in a costume.

8. Ghost Costume

Yes, your child doesn’t have to only look like an animal this Halloween; They can enjoy it by becoming a ghost or a witch. If your girl loves witches’ costumes, then buy a black witch costume for her and pair it with our black self-care shoes. And if your baby boy wants to wear white ghost costume then you have infinite number of toddler shoes to select from our collection.

9. Grey Cat Costume

Just imagine your child looking cute in a grey cat costume. If Tom is his favorite cartoon character, then buy your kid a grey cat costume. Your child will look adorable and everyone will praise him for sure. Our grey self-care shoes will serve as wonderful paws for the costume and even after Halloween for casual outfits as well!

10. Pumpkin Costume

Children love to see pumpkins everywhere on Halloween. Some even want to dress up as a pumpkin! Have your child look like a treat and dress them up as a pumpkin for Halloween this year and pair them with our brown or red self-care shoes.

11. Little Bee Costume

Make your child’s Halloween memorable by making them look like a little bee. Bees are an excellent costume for toddlers as they will look the most adorable and everyone will praise your choice of costume! Grab yellow self-care shoes from Memoire and make your kid’s Halloween memorable.


12. Wonder Woman Costume

If you love the Wonder Woman movie and want to see your child be the super hero they are, dress them up in a Wonder Woman costume. Looking for red shoes to match with wonder woman costume? Buy the red self-care shoes from our website!

Final Words

These are our favorite 12 Toddler Outfits for Halloween. Make memories with your kids by dressing them up in different Halloween costumes and take infinite pictures of them in it.  Have you decided your toddlers costume this Halloween? Leave a comment below.

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